An organisational guide made by a uni girlie who wants to believe she knows what she’s doing.

It’s a new semester, we all know how it goes. From day one, semester two, we think to ourselves “I’m going to be so organised, I’m seriously going to win this semester”. But that doesn’t necessarily happen. Week 3 suddenly comes out of nowhere and we realise “Oh sh*t.. we didn’t do that… did we?”


But that is okay. From a girlie, a uni student who always says this… we got chu.


Here is the self-care organisation guide from a fellow uni student who wants to believe they know what they’re doing an are on top of things:


One of the hardest things is getting started. So, this is what I want you to do

  1. Get up out of bed and have a shower. Just wash off all of yesterday, put on some nice deodorant/perfume/cologne, whatever you wear.
  2. Actually get dressed in something half decent.
  3. Grab all your resources: laptop, notebook, pens, highlights, iPad, whatever you use.
  4. Leave the house.


Here is where things can be subject to each of us uni students:

  1. Either go to the uni and get set up,
  2. Go to a library (anywhere),
  3. Go grab yourself a coffee and sit somewhere nice.


And now, the part we have all been dreading – the actual getting organised:

For Laptop/iPad users –

  • I want you to open up Notes and create a new note
  • Title: The Ultimate To-do
  • Subheading: Uni
  • Subheading: working life
  • Subheading: the general life shit

From here, I want you to create a check list of things you need to do, add in things coming up for uni, what is happening for work (shifts, if you’re a social media girlie like me – adding all your appointments and more), and all of the other stuff ie. Shopping, doing laundry, walking the dog, whatever it is.


This is your ultimate to-do list with everything in it. This is where you keep tabs for yourself and create an overview for what you need to get done.


Then, I suggest getting Timetree – a free calendar app (for both Samsung and Apple) that allows you to add other people, colour code (yay) and set as many reminders as you like.

If you get Timetree, colour code your subheadings from the notes, and start adding in timelines for yourself.


If not Timetree, get your trusty calendar app (or paper form) and write down all of the deadlines for these to-do’s – work out with yourself when you need to start, how long they will take and when you want them done by. This honestly helps bring a visual in and see not only a list view, but a spread-out presentation of aaaallll the stuff you have going on in your life!


Notebook/diary users:

I honestly usually use two notebooks or instead, a diary and a notebook and here’s what I do:


Notebook 1:

  • Title: The Ultimate To-do – page 2
  • Subheading: Uni – page 3
  • Subheading: working life – page 4
  • Subheading: the general life shit – page 5


I get separate sticky tabs and place them on each page (colour coded of course) and start jotting down each to do, for each category. Once I have filled up the page (or ticked everything off) I start a new page, with the same-coloured tab and write again. I also like to add in the date if they are tasks specifically to do that day or if they are just general tasks to do as I go along.


Notebook 2:

This is where all the info about each of the to-dos and areas go in. Or a diary can be used for this. I like to write down the task, any individual steps, write down notes and use this notebook as an anything book. I colour code the tabs still to the same ones as the categories in Notebook 1, so I know which section is which.

You can also use a diary instead to create an overview and add in all your timelines and due dates. I usually use the 2-notebook system then my phone calendar app to create the timelines that I can then also tick off in notebook 1.


Now it is time to look at what you’ve done. I’m proud of you. You have now set up your to-do lists and your timelines for uni and your entire life!!


Sincerely, a uni girlie who wants to believe she knows what she’s doing.

Ivy-Rose Laidler

Ivy-Rose Laidler

Hey! My name is Ivy-Rose! I’m the student life columnist and contributor for the Opus mag! I love writing about life as a student, the societal expectations, and experiences that help us grow and shape us to who we are today – as individuals and a collective! When I’m not contributing to Opus, I’m helping out local charity organisations SHIBUI Services and What Were You Wearing as well as creating content!