Who we are

Opus has been the independent, student-run publication at the University of Newcastle for over 70 years. While it might look different now, our little magazine had its humble beginnings back in 1954. In that very first issue, the then-warden R. Basden, wrote:

“The influence of this publication will be determined very largely by a number of factors—

  1. Its reflection of the outlook and ambition of students.
  2. By the way in which it is received by the public as a mouthpiece of the students.”


To this day, Opus still aspires to be this mouthpiece of the students. From our yellowed and aptly illustrated origins to the pop-art colour and silky pages of our current resurrection, the ways in which Opus has changed over the years is an ode to all the students who have passed through our pages. Opus is committed to amplify the voices of ALL students by providing a space to be heard, be loud, and be seen; to spotlight issues affecting young people, creativity, news, and student achievement.

As a student publication, showcasing student work, opinion, and activism is super important to us. In fact, it’s kind of the whole point! Whether it’s a piece of fiction, a support or employment opportunity, a review, entertainment, art, astrology, political debate, or a student club looking to expand—Opus has you covered. Take a scroll through our articles, a flip through our magazine, or a click through our pages to read all about what’s on the mind of your student body.