Last Thursday, on the 13th of October, UNSA ran the big and bustling colour run at Ourimbah campus. This event had not happened in three whole years thanks to COVID-19, so everyone was so excited that it was finally going ahead. The sun was shining bright in the morning and the vibes were definitely there at the beautiful central coast campus. We took a bus from Callaghan and met all of the students in the courtyard to get ready for the big run. 

Students prepared for the run by putting on UNSA headbands and sweatbands to look athletic. We were pumped and ready to smash the run. Everyone who participated also wore a white UNSA t-shirt so that the colour would be extremely noticeable and stand out…to everyone in the area! Nothing would prepare us for the amount of colour chalk we were about to feel all over our skin and clothes. I had actually never participated in a colour scramble in my life, so I was feeling slightly nervous for what was going to happen – or if I would even be able to run the whole race. However, my friends had done one in Newcastle in 2016, so they were reassuring me that I would absolutely love it and that the main objective is to just have FUN!! 

Sarthak and I were on a station to spray people with all different colours as they ran past. I had pink and yellow bottles in my hands ready to surprise the next runner. It was so much fun seeing everyone run past with big smiles on their face, puffing and full of colour! People walking past who were not involved in the colour scramble were laughing and cheering everyone on. 

After all of the students had run past us, Sarthak and I decided to do the run and get even more covered in colour. Even though the track was only 2km, we were so out of breath that we had to walk some of the distance. Coming to the finish line, we made sure to close our eyes and run fast through the line of volunteers who were ready to drench us in colour. We still had some colour left after the run so we decided to have a colour war with everyone. At the time this seemed like a brilliant idea… but after the 4th wash of my hair later that afternoon my hair would disagree!

Overall, it was such a fun day and I’m already looking forward to next year’s colour scramble. 

Summer Harrison

Summer Harrison

Heyy, I’m Summer, your VP of Experience & Engagement at UNSA. I absolutely love representing and engaging with students at UoN and what better way to share tips and tricks of university then the wonderful OPUS magazine. I have graduated Social Science and am now enjoying relaxing walks around Newcastle with my little Cavoodle Ned, cooking some sweet treats, and being involved in our awesome clubs!