Sex trivia – what a night. Picture this: you walk into the Newcastle Hotel. Your senses suddenly come alive with memories, or lack thereof, of nights you’ve spent dancing away the stress of uni. You walk up to the bar and, wait, what’s that? A FREE watermelon Red Bull cocktail? Sign me up this instant. So you’ve now got your drink, you’ve found your friends, and you go to the main dance floor to check out this sex trivia thing by UNSA. 


There were lights, music, and, oh boy – there was action. It was a jam-packed room of students buzzing to win some of Lovehoney’s alluring prizes, and said winnings were propped up on stage catching everybody’s eye. There were multiple sets of the ‘Wild Weekend Kit’, Lovehoney Mini Wand Vibrators, and Lovehoney Bullet Vibrators up for grabs, as well as lube, cock rings, and more. 


And then the fun started. Our host, Fox Pfleger, got up on stage, and the crowd went quiet. Before us stood a person with the coolest fashion you’ll ever see – my favourite things were their pink heeled crocs and blue tinted glasses – it was absolutely amazing. They introduced themselves and the night truly began.


These were no ordinary trivia questions – they were SEXY questions. Well, to be honest, some not so much. Our first round was Ancient History and, let me tell you, finding out that goats eyelids were used as the first documented cock rings does NOT sound sexy to me. The following three rounds were just as intriguing and, surprisingly, educational. Everyone had a good laugh over the questions, with a shocking find that ‘Condoman’ was a comic book character created in the 1980s by Aborginal and Torres Straight Islander communities to promote safer sex. 


Fox was such a fun host – they ran minigames in between trivia questions and so many extra prizes were won. It was very competitive as well because EVERYBODY wanted to win something from Lovehoney’s collection. There were also additional prizes from Red Bull that were given out, including free cans and 4-packs, because, why not? Uni essentials = redbull + sex-toys. 


I feel I should also do a special shoutout to everyone at sex trivia, because the team names that were created were something else. Some of my favourites included the ‘Dil-hoes’, ‘The Clitty Committee’, and good old ‘James and the Vaginas’. Grab a group of friends (this year, it was a team maximum of 8 people), and head to the next sex trivia event.


All in all, UNSA’s 2022 Sex Trivia was a success. For anyone umm-ing and ahh-ing about going to the next one: just go – I would highly recommend it and you won’t regret it. The venue, the prizes, the host; it was all such a good vibe and I already can’t wait for next year’s one! 


For more photos (by Kurt Lewis), and everything student based (including free BBQ’s, events and more), check out UNSA’s instagram @unsa.uon


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Melanie Jenkins

Melanie Jenkins

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