We get flustered when asked about our future, we struggle to find the words when describing the degree we decided on, we compare our lives to those of a similar age to us, and then overthink that we’re not moving as quick as they are. We are completely tunnel visioned on our future, but constantly feel as if we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere as we can never reach any peak of light. 


We are lost in our twenties. 


Okay fine, that might just be me. I’m (finally) in my last semester of uni and love that I’m so close to no longer having to worry about assessments or spending twenty minutes searching for a park, just to get to my class late. But I’m scared. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, nor what the heck I’m doing with it now. I like calling myself a student, it makes me feel young. But times are changing, and I need to feel support from somewhere. I struggle to find the words to describe how exactly I’m feeling, because saying ‘lost’ or ‘confused’ doesn’t even partially sum it up. This is when I put on my headphones and listen to someone else’s thoughts for a little while. I found solace in listening to young adults discuss their personal lives, because nine times out of ten, one of them will have an episode explaining how their thoughts are similar to my own.  

Alas, here is my personal list of the top podcasts to listen to when you’re a confused young adult, who is swimming in their youth but constantly worrying about their adulthood. Or, if you just need something to vibe to whilst you’re on your daily hot girl walk…


Two Twenties with Abbey Steanes and Charli McCusker. These two ladies are both in their young twenties but live completely separate lives. Charli recently had a baby girl and is experiencing motherhood and navigating her numerous businesses whilst only being twenty-three. Abbey, also twenty-three, is in the process of creating her own label whilst previously working in marketing for fashion. Each episode dives into a different topic ranging from travel, daily habits, business, social media, physical and mental health, and general advice. If you’re in need of a laugh or just something to listen to, this podcast is for you. 


Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain. Everyone and anyone should know of Miss Chamberlain by now. Her success started from her rapid growth on YouTube, where she would upload videos and vlogs of herself daily. She now is the successful owner of her own coffee brand and podcast. She is relatable, iconic, hilarious, sentimental, and makes listeners believe they’ve known her for their whole lives. Each week centres around a different talking point where nothing is left unspoken from relationships, to pet peeves, to parties, to literally everything. 


The Inspired Unemployed with The Inspired Unemployed. In need of a giggle? Well, this poddy is for you. Jack and Matt are two Australian blokes that have created a large following due their take on Australian culture, relatable content, and general observations. The pair discuss topics ranging from general banter to serious discussions where listeners are left wanting more after every episode. As a female, I never thought I’d enjoy listening to two Australian blokes talk about their culture and personal lives, but I’ve really enjoyed this podcast thus far. 


Common Chaos with Cartia Mallan and Ashton Wood. The it girls of Australia. This podcast was started by the pair in lockdown of 2021 where the girls discuss their friendship, breakups, losing a parent, grief, moving abroad and all things health. What keeps viewers listening is how these girls carry a voice of relatability. Many young adults struggling to navigate their lives can put their headphones on and listen to someone else’s thoughts, struggles and revelations, which is exactly what these Aussie girls do. 


Do you F*****g Mind with Alexis Fernendez. A podcast that revolves around mindset hacks to live the most fulfilling and badass life. Need advice? Well, Alexis has got you covered. Each new episode will leave you feeling hyped and ready to start your day with a brand-new attitude. Recent episodes discuss the seriousness of coercive control, how to stop being manipulated, and why you may be struggling with acceptance. The information she discusses is insightful and worthwhile. This is definitely a podcast you should be listening to. 


If you’re feeling lost, taking a long drive, going for a sunset walk, or just need something to listen to, these are the podcasts I recommend for you. There’s a comfort in listening to someone else’s thoughts and voice for a short time and that’s exactly what I found from these podcast creators when listening to these episodes. 

Rachel Barr

Rachel Barr

Hi, I’m Rachel. I like reading, writing, but no so much arithmetics. I indulge in so much TV and media I thought ‘why not write on it?’

Rachel Barr

Hi, I'm Rachel. I like reading, writing, but no so much arithmetics. I indulge in so much TV and media I thought ‘why not write on it?’