The playoffs have always been a stage for extraordinary feats and unforgettable moments. From dramatic comebacks to heroic performances, the history of the playoffs is rich with tales that have captivated fans for generations. 

For me, the sport that truly encapsulates the playoff spirit is the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the National Hockey League (NHL). In this article, we will delve into some of the greatest moments in NHL playoff history, celebrating the players and teams that have etched their names into the annals of hockey folklore. 

The 1993 Conference Finals



Back in 1993, the Western Conference Finals saw the Toronto Maple Leafs up against the Los Angeles Kings. Despite trailing 3-2 in the series, the Maple Leafs found themselves in a dire situation, behind 5-4 with mere seconds remaining in Game 6. However, it was at this critical moment that Doug Gilmour stepped up to turn the game around. 

In the last 4.5 seconds, Gilmour managed to score the equalizing goal, which led to overtime. He continued his impressive performance and scored the game-winning goal, sending the series to a crucial Game 7. Even though the Leafs didn’t ultimately win, Gilmour’s outstanding display secured his place in playoff history as a hero. 


The Comeback: Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs – 2013



In an impressive feat, the Boston Bruins rallied from a 4-1 deficit in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Within the last 10 minutes of regulation, the Bruins scored twice, narrowing the goal difference to just one. 

 During the final moments of the game, with the goaltender out of the net, Patrice Bergeron managed to score the game-tying goal, thus pushing the game into overtime. In the extra period, Bergeron proved to be the hero once again, scoring the game-winning goal and completing the Bruins’ incredible comeback, having erased a three-goal deficit, and securing their spot in the next round. 


Patrick Roy’s Unbelievable Playoff Run – 1993



During the 1993 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Patrick Roy, a member of the Montreal Canadiens, displayed exceptional goaltending skills. His performances throughout the playoffs were remarkable, but his most memorable moment occurred in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals versus the Los Angeles Kings. 

During a flurry of shots, Roy continuously made saves, ultimately securing a 4-1 victory and leading the Canadiens to their 24th Stanley Cup championship. His exceptional performance and unparalleled determination earned him the Conn Smythe Trophy as the playoffs’ most valuable player. Notably, this Stanley Cup win holds significance as it marks the last time a Canadian team has emerged victorious in the championship. 


The Wild Card Underdogs: Seattle Kraken and Florida Panthers – 2023



Both the Seattle Kraken and Florida Panthers were qualifiers for the 2023 playoffs and would immediately face big opposition in the first round. Seattle would play the Colorado Avalanche who were the defending Stanley Cup champions from the previous season. Florida wouldn’t have it any easier as they would take on the Boston Bruins who were the recipients of the President’s Trophy for the best record in the regular season (basically a minor premiership). 

However, the world of hockey would be turned on their heads as both the Kraken and Panthers would force the series into the final game at the other team’s venues, where in a very close fashion the wildcard underdogs would take the win and knockout the two heavyweights. The shocks continued as the Toronto Maple Leafs would knock out the team who lost to Avalanche in the finals and won the two prior Stanley Cups in the Tampa Bay Lightning. This made this first round full of upsets. 

Now into the Conference Finals, the Florida Panthers are currently 1-0 in their series against the Carolina Hurricanes, only three wins away from being the first wild-card team to make the finals. Can this magical run continue? 


Throughout the NHL playoffs, there have been numerous unforgettable moments that have left fans in awe and shaped the sport’s history. From miraculous comebacks to individual heroics, these instances embody the passion and skill that define hockey. As the game evolves, we eagerly anticipate the next great moments and performances that will cement their place in hockey immortality, especially in 2023. 

Jessie Dennett

Jessie Dennett

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