Here are a few brands that will help you find pieces to add to your winter wardrobe this August (and maybe even get a UoN Love Letter): 

  • Assembly label: 

Assembly label features high quality basics that are timeless and transitional. Their range features many pieces of women’s and men’s clothing, accessories, footwear and even kids styles. If you want French linen bedding and homewares to decorate a new house with, they’ve got it! Their label is one of the most versatile yet trendy brands, and they’ll have you covered for the winter. 

Shop their ongoing mid-year sale on


  • Mejuri: 

Mejuri is one of the most popular jewelry brands that can perfectly balance trendy styles with affordable prices as well as more pricey jewelry, making their pieces perfect for anyone looking for a balance. Featuring some of the chicest pieces with tons of personality, whether you’re looking for delicate little pieces or sophisticated rings to match your nails with, spend some time shopping at Mejuri and you’re sure to walk out with a set of accessories for every outfit. 

Shop their jewelry at 


  • Fairley: 

Followed by celebs like Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid, Fairley does everyday pieces best. These simple yet elegant statement pieces are splashed with just the right amount of colour to elevate your looks, whether it’s a formal outfit you want to wear to work on a Monday morning or your Friday night out dress, Fairley can complement it. 

Shop Fairley at 


  • Nude Lucy: 

One of the more affordable brands on this list, easy-to-shop pieces with a timelessness and elegance that will get you complements all year round. From flowy dresses to trendy jackets, these pieces never go out of style. 

Shop their casual pieces at 


  • Naked Vice: 

This Melbourne based brand has become one of the most shopped from across the country! Whether you need a new pair of shoes to wear to dinner, a bag for that party tonight, or accessories to wear with a dress you’ll definitely find here – they have it all. Their collection of affordable wardrobe staples and one afternoon of online shopping are all you need to start building your dream wardrobe. 

Shop Naked Vice at 


  • Emu Australia: 

You’ve definitely seen these winter shoes somewhere. Emu’s classic range of winter shoes are available in a range of styles and colours, and would be recommended by most people you know! Their original style boots are a classic for those cold winter nights and they are both warm and waterproof. Best of all, the brand is a proud member of the Australian Made campaign and share detailed information to help you care for your boots and make them last as long as possible. 

Shop these classic boots at 

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I’m Rajshri – the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I’m on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I'm Rajshri - the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I'm on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.