Some spotify playlists that’ll make you feel all the feels


Passion is that fiery feeling in your stomach, the instant motivation to take on the world for something (or someone) you love. For me, music elicits and imitates this very feeling. Whether it’s playing or listening, music just gives me this overwhelming and all consuming feeling that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. So let me share that very feeling with you through my language: playlists.  

I’ve divided ‘passion’ into three different categories: 

  • Passion for feminine vocals in acoustic settings.
  • Passion for the intricacies of music.
  • Passion to take on the world.

I present my top 5 songs of each playlist in NO ORDER, because I just couldn’t decide–it’s like choosing a favourite child: not impossible, but it changes per day.

Let’s get into it…


Acoustic Girls Run The World But Ruin My Heart 

This has got to be one of my favourite playlists on the entire planet. Just the fact that everyone in the world has access to the same (or similar) letters and words, yet these songwriters can absolutely rip a hole right in the middle of your heart with those very same words (whilst you can’t even string a complete sentence together on the best of days). In a really odd way, the fact that I can hear the beauty within these songs reminds me of my passion and path for music and how much I love every aspect of it. I find the stripped back nature of acoustic songs allows you to really listen to the words, encouraging you to relate to songs in a more intimate way as well as appreciate beautiful lyricism (E.G. Pheobe Bridgers).


  1. All Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version) – Taylor Swift
    I mean, the brackets say it all. If you thought
    All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) crushed your soul, this version will deeply break, and then heal, it. Taylor’s stripped right back to piano and vocals, creating a perfect intimate space where you can really hear and relate to all the words. That red scarf… that poor red scarf.

  2. Grown Up – Leith Ross
    The lyrics of this song are universal; all about longing for your youth, “losing track of time… where does it go, so fast and so slow and so you notice you got old”. Leith’s vocals just about melt your ears. I don’t think I’ve listened to this song without replaying it four times. Acoustic guitar and gentle vocals to rock you to sleep.

  3. Kyoto (Copycat Killer Version) – Phoebe Bridgers, Rob Moose
    This version is a lot more acoustic than the original, however Phoebe’s heart-breaking vocals are also accompanied by the soft strings of an orchestra. It allows you to listen to the words a lot more intently and, my god, does this lady have a way with words. She manages to say exactly what you’re feeling in a more heartbreaking way–it’s just absolutely beautiful. Special mention to this whole EP that you should most definitely listen to!

  4. She – Dodie
    If you are queer, or know anyone that is, you’ll get this one. Dodie’s voice is so gentle and honest, allowing you to feel like you’re having a conversation without even having to speak. It’s a raw, heartbreakingly uplifting song that perfectly encapsulates the queer gaze. Worth a repeat.

  5. Ceilings – Lizzy McAlpine
    Lizzy has got to be one of my all time favourite acoustic girls. Her voice is mesmerising and blends so well with the acoustic guitar that she accompanies herself with. Like the others, she has a way with words but mostly, for me, timing. The timing of her melodies is so purposeful and they land on your ears in such a tasteful way. I recommend walking along the beach or in the bush and having Lizzy McAlpine just blasting into your brain. It’ll heal you.  

Listen here: 



The way some people can just be so talented at music builds the passion inside of me to do better, to be better. Whether it’s innate or hours of practice, you can feel the immense effort radiating through each artist. Be wary… it might make you feel like you can’t do anything compared to these talented humans, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  


  1. Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) Jazmine Sullivan
    Just WOW! Putting the incredible lyrics aside for a second, her vocal agility is the best in the business. You can’t help but bop your head in a stanky way to this song, it’s just THAT good. The instrumentation of the song further adds to this: the constant drum beat keeps you engaged, mimicking a heart beat. If you can get past all this and pay attention to the words, they are so important; all about how you’re the masterpiece Mona Lisa – the best pump up, self inspiring song ever written.

  2. Open Your Eyes ii – Victory
    The bass line alone just makes you go ‘holy moly this is insanely amazing!’ Victory’s voice is so silky and makes you instantly want to get up and dance in a sunny park, not thinking about your cares. It gives me a slight 2000s-movie-end-of-credits-song vibe, which is every vibe I want.

  3. Lines – Eloise
    Starting with intricate guitar, Eloise’s soft vocals pull you in to listen intently. From this, her chord progressions are just gorgeous–past the basic pop pattern and making your face scrunch up and go ‘ooooft, get it’. As soon as the soft drum pattern comes in, you just melt. This song is gorgeous and so well thought out, the type of music I can only wish I could write.

  4. Dusk Baby säje, Gerald Clayton
    Now, this. Is. Music! Säje is a vocal group who create the most gorgeous clashing but heart melting harmonies that just make you go WOW! This is a very alternative song compared to the others. With Gerald Clayton on piano you know it’s going to be an absolute ripper. You can tell the piano is really an extension of him here. These are the types of songs that make you go, ‘hmm maybe I should go practice.’

  5. Tunnel Vision – Mahogany Sessions Reuben James, Mahogany, Frida Touray
    I think I owe my life to my Spotify Discover playlist for this song. It’s got a stanky back drum beat, jazz piano, silky vocals, harmonies to the skies, and starts acoustically with piano and soft vocals – what more could you want? You can feel the band coming together to create a real groove with each other. It instantly makes me want to call up any and all of my friends to ask if they want to start a band. The piano solo in the middle is just what it’s all about; absolute jazz improvisation to the gods, just incredible!  

 Listen here: 


You’ll Cry In A Happy Way 

Love songs: they’ve got a special place in my heart but this playlist isn’t just love songs: oh no, it’s the breakup songs of the ones that got away. You won’t help but reminisce about a foreign love you’ve never had but find yourself empathising with, mixed with a love song serenade à la One Direction that speaks to your very soul in a way no partner ever could.  


  1. Man Like You – Tom Misch
    Ouch, this one hurts. Misch is known for his beautiful guitar playing as well as his gorgeous vocals to match. This song manages to make you feel sad but also hopeful through the guitar chord progressions. All about remembering a particular person and the feelings that come with remembering all about them, just so delicately played.

  2. Lotus Eaters – Odette
    Odette, all day, every day, yes, yes, yes! She begins this song with her spoken word, accompanied by herself on the piano. There’s no other word to describe this song other than precious: it’s just gorgeous in every way. Her vocals are perfect and melody lines very intricate. I love the jump between her speaking and her singing, it just works so well and draws you in to listen.

  3. Hey, Ma – triple J Like A Version – The Vanns
    And you thought the Bon Iver version couldn’t get any better, well think again. These guys absolutely NAILED the cover. It starts off really mellow, like the original, with moody electric guitar and honest vocals–to then get absolutely huge with the whole band adding a whole new element to the song. The ability to keep the intent of the song whilst changing the instruments is a hard skill and these guys absolutely nailed it! One of my absolute favourites.

  4. Paranoia Purple – Yebba
    It wouldn’t be my list if I didn’t have something of Yebba on there. One of the best musicians of our time, hands down. Her vocals by themselves are just out of this world: her agility, her tone, and overall sound is just unlike anything on the radio in the most beautiful way. Her songwriting ability is just so thoughtful, which is hard to come by. Just a big warm hug of a song.

  5. Only a Matter of Time – Joshua Bassett
    Bit of a random one because I am 1000% team Rodrigo here, but that doesn’t impact how amazing this song is. Bassett’s voice is really one of a kind and when you hear the song you can really hear his hurt and remorse. When he sings into his falsetto, it’s just absolutely gorgeous! Didn’t change my mind on the whole situation… but definitely put some things into perspective. Overall, just a sweetly intimate song.  

Listen here:


Music has the ability to shift people’s moods, to heal, but overall to communicate. Take the time to really, truly listen to some music today – I think you’ll like it. 

Emily Coles

Emily Coles

A psych and music student consumed within the world of music psychology and how music can affect our brain in ways we don’t even realise. Whether it’s a playlist to accompany you to your confidence or dissecting the brain to see why we like the sound of Harry Styles, if it involves music and psychology – I’m there!

Emily Coles

A psych and music student consumed within the world of music psychology and how music can affect our brain in ways we don’t even realise. Whether it’s a playlist to accompany you to your confidence or dissecting the brain to see why we like the sound of Harry Styles, if it involves music and psychology - I’m there!