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The House 

On Monday the 22nd of August at 2pm, the official opening of ‘The House’ took place – a new space at Callaghan campus that’s for students. If you’re in need of a study sesh, somewhere to enjoy some food, or even just hang out, this is the ideal place. Located next door to the Shortland Building, it has Car Park 5, which is a General Parking zone, and motorcycle parking directly in front of The House.  

It’s decked out with lounges, a kitchen WITH a toastie machine, an upstairs mezzanine, private study rooms, conference call options on the displays, and places for collaborative study groups. It has very comfortable seats, a beautifully designed mural, and practical features throughout, giving The House a really nice, modern vibe. ADVICE: If bringing food to eat, keep in mind that there is no fridge – so bring an insulated bag. 

The fact that it is open for students for extended hours, 6am-1am by swiping their student access card, is a game changer. Auchmuty library closes at 9pm weekdays and 5pm weekends but how often do students work over these times especially when the assignments are due at 12am?? It’s disruptive for students to get kicked out at a relatively early time of night when they’re on a role and/or cramming. 

It is seemingly accessible and comfortable for all, with a wheelchair access ramp, a lift inside, and adjustable sitting/standing desks. Despite UNSA begging for an inclusive bathroom, there remains only three available; female, male, and a disabled toilet. This is a verrry disappointing move from the University. It’s 2022, inclusive bathrooms should be MANDATORY in new buildings.  

But hey, while this student space doesn’t give us any better parking options or make up for the money grabbing ticket system in place, at least now, when you have a one hour class you have to pay a full day’s parking ticket for, you have a place to hang out.  

Auchmuty Library  

The classic Auchmuty library. Of course this had to make it on the list for student spaces as there are so many varying environments to choose from depending on what you’re up to. Approaching the rainbow front steps, on the right hand side is Sprout cafe – supplying students with coffee and food in a collaborative working space. With a computer lab, some lounges and a separate room for a silent/quiet study zone, level 2 is worth checking out.  

Going up one flight of stairs you’ll find the busiest level. This is where the foyer is located and where the majority of students go for group study. If you need to buckle down with an assignment, avoid this level or, at least, the Learning Lounge. It’s a good spot to hang out with friends and casually procrastinate together but it is full of distractions and bad for getting real work done. If you turn right on level 3, and find the Reading Room 4, there is another group study room which is generally quieter. There are small group study rooms also available and plenty of computers for use on this level. An exciting fact about level 3, is that it’s home to a Sleep Pod that students can use during Library Hours.  

Finally, level 4 is a silent study zone – don’t be expecting any chats with your friends or you WILL get glared at. If you need to escape the silence, go outside to the roof terrace and get some sunlight. It’s a really beautiful spot to sit, enjoy some lunch, or even just relieve your eyes from screens. There are multiple rooms to choose from including the Flowers Reading Room and Reading Room 1 and 2. Generally, the Flowers Reading Room is considered more of a quiet, rather than silent, zone.  

All in all, the Auch has a lot to offer students in terms of study space rather than a general space to chill and relax.  

Check out the full map of Auchmuty Library.  

Image from the Grand Opening of the Shortland Club Space

Club Space 

Heads up before reading (and becoming too attached to this space): The Club Space is primarily for UON clubs and needs to be booked before use. 

Located inside the Shortland Building, and newly renovated, the Club Space officially opened on the 29th of August in 2022. Students had the opportunity to attend a workshop with muralist tutor Moriko Kono, and create their own individual artwork. Each student’s work was then combined and curated into a mural piece, designed by student alumni Anna Rolfe, and displayed across the Club Space wall.  

This collaboration set the tone for the future of this space – somewhere clubs could meet and come together. So far, the space has been used for club specific events and activities including movie nights, drawing sessions, meetings, workshops, social club meetups, and games night.  

The space is very adaptable for whatever purpose you may need the room for with lounges, a huge wall projector, a kitchenette, desks, lockers, and more. It is important to keep in mind that this is a club dedicated space and so if you want to use it, it needs to be booked for a club activity – please reach out to  

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