Hey there Barbenheimers, 


Can you believe we’re well into Semester/Trimester 2 already? The year is flying by like a Barbie dream car! But never fear, Opus is here to get you through the highs and lows of late-night study sessions and double-feature film release days – truly a multifaceted companion to your university journey.  


It’s SRC election season at UNSA, so make sure you get those nominations and votes in to elect your 2024 student reps! These students will be the ones representing and advocating for your needs & ideas to improve your student experience, so it’s important you have your say in who you want in these roles. Check out the UNSA Vote website (unsavote.org.au) and UNSA’s social media pages for all the election info and latest updates.  


‘Community’ is a word often used here at UNSA – it’s what we aspire to help foster among students so that during your time here at uni you’re well-supported and have the opportunity to meet likeminded people, even lifelong friends in many cases! There are lots of ways to find community on and off campus – by joining one of the 80+ clubs & societies on offer, going along to events, joining an online networking session or enjoying a free UNSA lunch on campus.  


Another classic way to find community is to start a conversation with someone in your classes, or post on a discussion forum asking if anyone wants to meet up for a group study session. It can help make the study load more bearable and you never know who you might meet. Everyone is in the same boat so even if you’re feeling nervous to put yourself out there and talk to people, trust me and know it will be worth any initial awkwardness!  


If you haven’t yet heard about UNSA’s new Equity Guilds (Women’s, Queer, Accessibility, Parents & Carers, and First Nations), take a squiz and sign up over on the UNSA website if you’re part of one (or more) of these communities. They are all inclusive and welcoming spaces to meet others in your community and to contribute to advocacy & education within and beyond the University.  


Be sure to keep up to date on upcoming events like Pride Week on the UNSA social media and website and go get amongst it! And don’t forget you can reach out to the SRC and UNSA at any time – we’re here to support you, to represent and advocate for your views, and we are always looking to hear your feedback, so get in touch with any concerns, issues, or ideas you have during your time as a student.  


Georgie Cooper 

UNSA President  



Hiya, I’m Georgie—UNSA President, Opus podcaster, and eco-blogger! I enjoy helping keep students in the loop on important issues at UoN, as well as sharing some tips for being a more eco-conscious human. I study Law and Science, love houseplants, sushi, and training with UoN Cheerleading!