I’m back again, with 3 new shows I have enjoyed since our O-Week magazine! This month I decided to tap into the magazine theme, Passion. Passion can mean a lot of things. For me, it means something I can get enjoyment out of; and, gee, do I like finding a good show that I just can’t stop watching.

5 Bedrooms

I binged this one pretty quickly! I remember watching it a few years ago on Channel Ten, until they decided to put the latest seasons onto ­a streaming service… which you have to pay for! To watch an Australian show! Blasphemy… I did pay for the subscription though, and boy was I happy. This series follows five friends who decide to buy a house together and live in it. We see these characters go through a variety of life dramas: from relationships and sexuality to career adjustments and financial difficulties. All of this is portrayed in humorous ways. They have very accurately portrayed Australia, and it’s very refreshing to watch a show with cultural references to which you can relate.

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5/5 stars


Minx follows Joyce Prigger, a strong-willed woman who wants to start a feminist magazine. When the only person who will pick up this magazine is a porn publisher named Doug, the magazine’s focus shifts. They collaborate to launch the first erotic magazine for women. This one is SUPER RAUNCHY! One particular scene I remember is when they were auditioning men to be on the cover, in the form of a montage of different penises (and man, is there a lot)! While there is a lot of nudity, it doesn’t detract from the message Joyce is trying to convey, which is to empower women to make their own choices rather than doing what men—particularly their husbands—want. I discovered Minx also discusses sexual concerns that I believe many people, including myself, have. It is done in a light-hearted and humorous manner that is enjoyable to watch.

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4/5 stars

Pieces of Her

This show was quite thrilling. Andy discovers her mother Laura’s dark past after an attack in a café. Each episode delves deeper into Laura’s past, including the decisions she made that led her and her daughter to the life they have now. While each episode contains a cliff-hanger that keeps you interested, I did find each episode to be a little slow. There were several instances where we saw Laura discuss something or allude to a past issue with no context for us viewers, and certain flashbacks felt a little irrelevant. I may not have fallen in love with this show, but I was very intrigued after each episode and, woah, the bombshell at the end…

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3/5 stars

Tiana Williams

Tiana Williams

Hi, my name is Tiana, and I work as a Graphic Designer for Opus and the UNSA team. I strive to create designs that reflect Opus’s aesthetic, as well as experiment with different layouts for the magazine. I hope I’m creating visuals that you find interesting! When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy a good day binge-watching Netflix.