Passion is the driving force behind many decisions I have made in my life, good and bad. I have been passionate about many things in my life and I call these my eras. Let me take you through some. 


My current ‘cawfee’ era 
I feel like this could be my most relatable era. You best believe I had two large, oat milk cappuccinos before writing this – my favourite start to the day. My motto is, ‘whenever something’s due, coffee will get you through’. It is hard to believe that I had never had a sip of coffee before commencing my law degree. However, in order to look normal in a law lecture, you must walk in with coffee in hand, or a Frank Green. 

The UNSA coffee machine has rectified a lot of my problems: 

  • Falling asleep in a meeting… coffee time! 
  • Up until 3am partying… coffee time! 
  • Someone brought in a packet of Tim Tams to work… coffee time! 


My hot gal walks era 
This all started during lockdown when my prime passions were fitness and wearing activewear. With a coffee in hand, my morning would start at Merewether Beach, and depending on how BOSS my playlist was, it could end anywhere between Bar Beach and Carrington. The purchase of an Apple Watch really propelled my passion and led to a competition between each of my friends who could do the most steps in a day. Subsequently, I ended up progressing from a good-paced walk, to running. Coffee in hand seemed like not such a good idea anymore. Something I did notice during this era is every time I wore a really nice activewear set, I would not see anyone on my walks. However, if I wore a really plain, boring outfit with greasy hair, I would see half of my uni friends who wanted to stop and chat. My passion for running has subdued, however, reignites when I am late to class. 


My girl boss era
Instigated by a heart-breaking, short-lived holiday fling, I decided from now on I will no longer be drawn to red flags and will never listen to ‘Good 4 You’ by Olivia Rodrigo again. Although exploring Hinterland waterfalls with a gorgeous German backpacker was fun, ‘crying on the floor of my bathroom’ when he departed was not exactly the fairy-tale ending that I imagined. I decided that I would swap instances of short-lived passion, to focusing on my real passions in life such as achieving major goals I have set. 

Aaaaand that’s just a snapshot of my most recent passions. Next time I’ll give you more of a slide show. Who knows which era will come next?

Summer Harrison

Summer Harrison

Heyy, I’m Summer, your VP of Experience & Engagement at UNSA. I absolutely love representing and engaging with students at UoN and what better way to share tips and tricks of university then the wonderful OPUS magazine. I have graduated Social Science and am now enjoying relaxing walks around Newcastle with my little Cavoodle Ned, cooking some sweet treats, and being involved in our awesome clubs!