The Sea

Over the shrub, over the trees

Past the mud, out into the sea

White horses

Gallop between

Deep blue, all

Steered by breeze

The murmur of wood

The fumbling ocean

Conversate together

In chaos and calamity

On days like these

When the day is grey

I’ll be on my knees

Waiting for waters embrace

Whitewash runs up

Across the sand.

And water comes

To touch my hand.

Over the shrub, over the trees

Past the mud, out into the sea

The Candlelight Dance

Though the brightest lights

Has the darkest nights.

Oh, to be a flame,

The light in a room of darkness.

Turn warmth into pain,

With all the hot wax to harness.

Oh, to dance freely,

Moving with every gust of air.

Breathing so easy,

Wanting to shine bright without care.

But, with any harsh disturbance

Leaves behind such subtle fragrance.

Mask-less Romantics

Our two masks, now caught up

To the truth, feels strange.

What once passed between two

Is evading us.

Why one more blip in her

Episodic rampage

Couldn’t bring to fix too

Soon forgotten heartbreaks.

As our, bitter-sweet hearts,

Remind ourselves the failings.

Our masks will shred apart,

And we’ll toy with the remains.

Night Shower

When the rain falls and

The stars yet, shine true.

The clouds part, lookup,

Take a breath, reach out

Then ease your eyes shut.

The cousin of a

Sun pour, better still

The heavens reveal

Their riches of

Infinite wealth.

Heavens gates close, with

Those great fluffs of grey.

Rolling through the sky,

They amount in the distance

Holding out for their catharsis.

But some cannot contain

The rush of rain, washes

In release, escape, or relief.

Daring enough to break free

Too early, prematurely.

So, hold on, hold in,

Be brave and courageous.

Let it go in good time,

Be patient with yourself,

Be true and kind.

Though it won’t ever be enough,

That darkness dwelling always grows.

The stars that shed their tears

Are calling out, wanting to be known.

So stand alone in the night shower.

The divine cries out in pain,

When you cannot manage,

Command, control, reign

Think of water and flow.

Capture the tears that fall.

Gianluca Polacci Byrnes

Gianluca Polacci Byrnes

Gianluca Polacci Byrnes