Let’s state the obvious: this is the PRETTIEST sex toy ever. Its 10 different modes of air pulsing functionality has got me obsessed as it feels SO much better than a vibrator. It creates a sucking feeling on the clitoris (which already feels amazing) but then is amplified when used with lube. It’s also quite small which makes it super portable and not as intimidating as other sex toys out there. As per the instruction manual that comes with the product, the rose is supposed to be used in the one spot, simply held onto your clitoris however, it feels amazing anywhere – try moving it around! 


The Lovehoney Rose also provides a great range of modes to suit how sensitive you are down there. You can change the feeling of the suction to more of a vibration feel without changing any buttons by pressing the rose harder into, or further away, from your body.


Okay but my only qualm is that it’s not the easiest to clean because of its intricate design and that the charging life isn’t very long. When it died on me, literally mid climax, I was so disappointed. Since then, I decided it was best to charge it before each use just to be careful however, the magnetic charging port is slightly annoying. The charging cord attaches itself to two magnetic dots on the rose but because it doesn’t plug into the toy, the cable can easily shift off which stops the charging. It also flashes as it charges so it’s not very discrete – nor does it come with a privacy carry bag. It also isn’t noise-free but honestly that’s not a deal breaker as the Lovehoney Rose makes up for it in its functions and reliable results *wink wink*. 


Overall, I will 100% be using the Lovehoney Rose Clitoral Suction Stimulator again… and again and again. 

Check it out at Lovehoney.com https://www.lovehoney.com.au/p/lovehoney-rose-clitoral-suction-stimulator/a47373g84894.html



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