If you’re looking for a new addition to your sex life, the Juno Rechargeable Music-Activated Vibrating Love Ring could be for you. Whether you’re a solo player or a couple who likes to try new things, this bad boy brings a fun new element to your play time.  


With 7 different vibrating patterns in addition to the vibrating patterns that different music can bring, it serves as both a standard vibrator and a creative and exciting take on the well-known cock ring. One of the best parts for us was the ability to take the vibrating bullet out of the silicone case and use it as a vibrator, while still utilising the silicone casing for other pleasure points.  


Its multi-use ability was a big selling point on the toy and that’s why we recommend it for anyone wanting to add a staple to their collection. The only downside? It’s not particularly exciting after the first use or two. Maybe we just need to get used to it and play some more but generally, it doesn’t serve as much more than a cock ring and another vibrator. If you’ve got both at home, this one might not be anything too exciting. However, the music activation element is definitely a fun new thing to try out! 


The verdict: Despite its simplicity, Lovehoney have done a great job in the design and practicality of this toy. It’s fun, a bit different and allows the user(s) to get creative. This would be a great toy for newbies wanting to explore a new element in the bedroom, but perhaps isn’t the most exciting for those of us who have something similar in their collection already. That said, you can never have too many options so why not give it a try. After all, isn’t that what sex is all about?  








Hi, we’re the anonymous writers behind these articles. Our ever-changing identity means you will never know who we are… mwah ha ha (but plz enjoy our articles)!


Hi, we're the anonymous writers behind these articles. Our ever-changing identity means you will never know who we are... mwah ha ha (but plz enjoy our articles)!