Music is one of those things that no matter who, where, or what you are–it hits your soul. Whether that means to instil joy, pleasure, and delight; music plucks our heart strings to make us FEEL something. These words are synonymous with pride: the very sense of the word to have “deep pleasure or satisfaction.” So, here are some of my favourite artists supporting Pride and Queer recognition.


Australian owned superstar making waves in America with his silky vocals contrasting with his rapping ability. 

Sounds like: Childish Gambino 

Favourite songs: We Are The Children, Gay Street Fighter (if you take anything from this article LISTEN TO THIS SONG, IT IS EVERYTHING!)


An acoustic R&B moment, with their “words as useful as photographs.”

Sounds like: Cleo Sol, Lily Allen 

Favourite songs: Caroline, Too Good


Soul wrenchingly intimate.

Sounds like: Bruno Major, Missy Higgins 

Favourite songs: She, Arms Unfolding


Stanky as, moody R&B, gorgeous vocals and spoken word.

Sounds like: Dominic Fike, Genesis Owusu 

Favourite songs: Peach, Corpus Christi


It’s like you’re in an Indie surfer rock film soundtrack.

Sounds like: Holly Humberstone, Ruby Fields 

Favourite songs: She Plays Bass, Death Bed (coffee for your head) (yes that TikTok song)


Grunge indie rock making you want to bop your head.

Sounds like: Spacey Jane, The Vanns 

Favourite songs: What I’m Feeling, Callie


Eclectic mind-reading tasty tunes, will put you into your feels but also get you to stand up and yell.

Sounds like: Amber Mark, HER 

Favourite songs: Sensitive (yes that other TikTok song), Hard

Emily Coles

Emily Coles

A psych and music student consumed within the world of music psychology and how music can affect our brain in ways we don’t even realise. Whether it’s a playlist to accompany you to your confidence or dissecting the brain to see why we like the sound of Harry Styles, if it involves music and psychology – I’m there!