The Doxy Number 3 Disco Extra Powerful Travel Wand can only be described as a glittering monster. Measuring in at 11 inches, there is nothing travel size about this vibrator. My first impression when seeing the doxy wand was, ‘oh my goodness, I’ve been sent a pipe bomb’, as the travelling case is made of sturdy aluminium/titanium alloy. It also comes with a 3-metre charging cable, which allows you to still use it while it’s charging, so no need to worry about it dying during your climax.

The actual vibrator itself has 3 soft gel buttons which are very easy to find in contrast to the hard shell, and the vibrations have a good range of intensities. It has a really impressive motor and can be quite intense when used for a long time. It is pretty heavy in comparison to a lot of other vibrators, so it does take some getting used to in terms of positioning, but could also work great for a home defensive tool.

A few qualms with the product are the actual vibrations. While many might appreciate a buzzing sensation, I personally prefer a heavier vibration. This vibrator also has a fixed head that doesn’t yield any bending, which can be a bit painful if you’re like me and push against the vibrations. The final thing is that this vibrator is NOT waterproof, and for $249, it’s a bit of a curse. A product like this should be able to go anywhere, especially if considered ‘travel size’.

All in all, I think this product is a reliable source of pleasure, and the quality of it does seem to match with how much it costs. I give it 3/5 stars, for a great time.

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Jam Vangarden

Jam Vangarden