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Law students: Sometimes we are fun too! 

The UNLSA (if you haven’t heard about one of the BEST clubs at the University), is the University of Newcastle Law Students’ Association. You’re probably thinking, “What’s so great about an academic club for law students?” We understand your hesitation, but you best believe it is so much more than what you might be thinking. 

The law students in the UNLSA have so much personality that they bring to everything they do – from handing out chocolates outside the law schools, to running competitions that get you ready to face the world of law – you will find a unique person behind every event. The group of people who make the law school work bring a huge range of different talents to the table, just like you find in the law classrooms. 

  • The Marketing Team brings fun memes and a strong personality to everything they do; connecting on a fun level of creative genius and encouraging all students who join to express themselves. 
  • The Education Portfolio brings a passion for how ‘ups’ might kill the cohort, and an understanding that sitting through a semester of Neil’s awesome Torts classes is not nearly enough education without a bit of fun with workshops. 
  • The Competitions Team plays with the competitive edge of law students at UON, creating a sense of community and harbouring a wealth of knowledge about both the highs and lows of uni competitions. 
  • The Sponsorship Team gives the UNLSA an opportunity to break into the Newcastle community: a community that strives to give back to its students, allowing all at UON to get a sense of the beauty inherent in this place. 
  • The Events Team, perhaps most importantly, brings a flair for glamour and fun: a focus which is appreciated by every year through the law school, with events targeted at our first years, our practice students, and everybody else. We also can not forget the most important thing they bring to the table: the famous Law Ball. The Law Ball is the event of the UON law student season, as the UNLSA appreciates all the hard work that we, as students, put into study, competitions, extra-curricular, and advocacy. The Law Ball is the place for UON law students to let their hair down, look bloody fabulous, and have the night of their lives… Really, it’s the main reason to get into law. 

The UNLSA, like so many great clubs, operates in a vast amount of spaces. While we value fun, education, and student life as a whole, we also put a lot of stock in advocacy – a passion that many of our UON law students hold so dear. At UNLSA, we pride ourselves on the best traits of our students and aim to show that we are not just a bunch of people who work hard, we also play hard too – all while bringing a sense of community and accomplishment to UON. 

If you are a law student and are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Join today at 

You can also check us out on Instagram @UNLSA, Facebook at, or visit our website at

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