Cheaper meals that won’t break the bank!

Jesmond hotel  

They offer a wide variety of offers. They offer roughly 7 different lunch specials every day of the week for $12, some of which include fried buffalo wings, fish and chips, and a traditional margherita pizza. You can find specific nighttime offers from Monday through Thursday. For example, on Mondays, there are $12 Schnitzels, an Aussie favourite, and of course Thursday night (which would be described as Church for TEDS) is the Jeso’s Student night with $6 drinks and $10 burgers!  

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Beach Burrito Co 

Who doesn’t love TACO Tuesday? On Tuesdays, Beach Burrito offers up to ten different taco options, including vegetarian and vegan options, all for $3! They also serve delicious frozen margaritas, which are ideal on a hot summer day. You must be quick for this deal; make sure to book ahead of time, or you will most likely not be able to walk in and grab a seat. If you want a drink special, frozen margaritas are $10 from Monday to Saturday from 4-6pm, and a $20 sangria jug is available on Sundays. 

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Ginger Megs 

Ginger Megs is an Asian restaurant and bar. Every Wednesday and Thursday, their bar menu is half-priced; if you enjoy a good spring roll, chicken bao, or vegan dumpling, this will please everyone in the group. Just make a reservation for the bar because the upstairs restaurant is still full. I know we gen z’ers don’t like ringing people up, but this is worth it. Another experience they provide that is completely worth it is their bottomless beverages and Yum cha lunch served between 12 and 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. It isn’t the cheapest option, costing $60 per person, but that’s okay because you can make up for it in drinks. 

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If you’re looking for a lunch special, Onyx Espresso Bar has $10 lunch specials from 12-2pm Monday through Friday. Mondays are toasties, and they make an excellent Reuben sandwich. Every day is a different meal, ranging from burgers to salads to wraps. Check out their social media to see what deals they have! 

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Tiana Williams

Tiana Williams

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