Métiers d’art literally translates to Master of Art, and that’s what this collection embodies. In an annual display that has been taking place since 2002 and has become one of the highlights of the fashion calendar, Chanel spotlights the exceptional work and talent of artisans in a tribute to their art and the history that ties the couture brand to the city the collection is presented in. From global fashion hubs like New York and London to its home, Paris, the brand showcases its great creative direction and celebrates its unique savoir-faire in this show, which is always one of my favourite collections. 


A few months ago, in a three-day program in the heart of Senegal’s capital, Dakar, Chanel’s team brought local artisans, students, fashion editors, and celebrities who came together in Dakar’s former Palais de Justice. 

Chanel’s artistic director Virginie Viard told Hello Magazine that they had been planning this show for three years, calling the Palais de Justice one of the most beautiful venues they’ve ever presented a collection in, as well as an obvious source of inspiration. 


Dance, music, and fashion were intertwined in this stunning display of accessories, long coats with embroidered collars, dresses accessorised to complement every aspect of the city’s culture and intricate designs showing the work and creativity that goes into creating a collection like this one. Adding to the artistic relevance of the show, students from Tokyo’s Tama University of Fine Arts and BLACKPINK member and Chanel ambassador Jennie comprised just two of the many performances the audience saw that evening. Some of the pieces took inspiration from the brand’s own history, and most brought together the elegant, modern, and sophisticated looks that Chanel puts out, and the creative vision of the local artisans – the true masters of art in their field. 


The collection featured plant motifs, lines and geometric shapes, along with warm colours and bold looks complemented by the scarves, belts, and accessories. Bold blazers and sets for that chic office look were also a part of the collection, which wasn’t the least bit disappointing. 


Although it was presented a few months ago, Métiers d’Art collections are embedded in the brand’s creative history and are undoubtedly pieces worth drawing inspiration from – for all kinds of art. The artistic director herself came out in a stunning outfit at the end of the show – touched by the reactions the show received, and rightfully so. 

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I’m Rajshri – the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I’m on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I'm Rajshri - the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I'm on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.