Looking for cute, local bands to listen to and fashion ideas for shows? Here are 5 indie bands from in or around Newcastle, and fashion ideas/tips for shows you’d like to go to!


1. Dave the Band

Described as a raucous three-piece from Newcastle, dave the band’s music is the perfect mix of indie, rock, and pop, creating a unique sound. The intricate guitar riffs and raw energy makes their music perfect for any playlist, or just drives to the beach! Their debut album Slob Stories is out on all streaming platforms. 

Outfit Tip

An outfit to one of their concerts would give off a quirky, unique vibe, just like their music! I’d pair vintage-inspired items with modern basics or try mixing prints and patterns for that modern yet eclectic look.


2. Sunday Lemonade

After moving into a van and becoming nomadic musicians in 2019, musical duo Sunday Lemonade has been driving through Australia performing their music, which is the perfect combination of upbeat indie rock and chill indie music. With bubbly personalities and music videos that feel like Wes Anderson movies, their songs should definitely be on your playlist!

Outfit Tip

Matching the vibe of this band and their music, an outfit for a Sunday Lemonade show would include flowy dresses paired with sun hats and tote bags, or white sneakers and bucket hats. Their vibe matches the warmth of a beach picnic with friends and if you go see them live, don’t forget a cardigan for when the temperature drops!


3. Not Good Not Bad

 If you’re someone who loves blasting fun rock music or having dance parties in front of your mirror, Not Good Not Bad makes great music for you! This Newcastle band already have 2 EPs, and do a great job at balancing the drums and music in their songs with interesting themes. If you’re a fan of live music, go to one of their shows in the city!

Outfit Tip

Rock concert outfits are the most fun to style, with an edgy yet fun look that shows your personality! Try a black leather jacket layered and a pair of jeans, boots and hoop earrings, complete with a fun nail polish colour or statement jewellery! For a more feminine vibe, try ankle boots and layered necklaces. Most of all, just have fun!


4. Where’s Jimmy

If you’re looking for high energy rock with heavy guitar riffs and music that’s perfect to dance to at a live show with your friends, you should listen to Where’s Jimmy. If you’re more of a live show person, watch them playing at The Cambridge’s Bandaid 4 Festival on May 6th!

Outfit Tip

I’d pick something unique and autumn-inspired to watch Where’s Jimmy live. Match with your friends, have fun with the makeup, or find jewellery you wouldn’t normally wear for a fun night of dancing!


5. Sitting Down

This experimental Newcastle band blends genres of music to create a perfect, psychedelic melody. With dreamy soundscapes and beat drops, I imagine their music playing in the background of a coming-of-age movie at sunset. Sitting Down is also part of the Cambridge’s Bandaid festival lineup. 

Outfit Tip

If you’re looking for one of their concerts, I’d wear anything music festival inspired. A laid back yet polished look would be perfect, with oversized jackets and vintage inspired t-shirts. Go on a Sunday morning shopping trip, look around a few cute thrift stores, and come back with casual yet elegant, with statement jewellery for a touch of glamour.

With these music recommendations, outfit ideas for flattering silhouettes, and a drink in your hand, you’ll be the best dressed anywhere!

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I’m Rajshri – the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I’m on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.

Rajshri Bhardwaj

Hi!! I'm Rajshri - the Fashion & Culture Columnist at Opus, and I'm on my way to studying medicine. I love the beach, finding new music, and I enjoy writing about a little bit of everything.