I have a love-hate relationship with schooling, despite loving to learn. High school was not for me and, as a result, I left throughout my HSC trials. To be honest, I never thought that university would ever be in my trajectory. So, it feels almost surreal that I’ve completed an undergraduate degree and am now completing my final full year of a postgraduate degree. Even though I still have one trimester and one placement left to finish next year, it is weird to think I will not be studying this time next year for the first time in five years. As such, I want to have a look through my time at UoN, even though I’m not quite finished my postgraduate degree yet.

UoN has become a place that I will look back and think fondly of. It has provided me with knowledge, experiences both good and stressful, and most importantly: lifelong friendships. I would not have been able to get through the past five years without the friends I have made along the way. Along with my family, my friends have helped when the stress became too much, and back when I had no idea what to do with my undergraduate degree.

Being a writer is one of the only things I have ever wanted to be, from the age of seven. The fact that I had the opportunity to learn more about writing and its different forms is surreal. I’m also hugely grateful, as it is also the reason why I started writing for Opus in the first place.

Last year, I was stuck. After two years of online learning, I felt as though I needed to connect more with uni life, as well as pursuing my interests. This led to my discovery of Opus, and I’ve been writing for them ever since. It truly has been one of the best experiences, being able to explore my love of all things book related and to write about them. It excites me that I can take the skills that I’ve learned, and to share them with future students so that they too can express themselves about their interests.

Five years ago, I came to university wanting nothing more than to learn about creative writing. Now, I’m studying teaching, and will soon be entering a profession that I never thought I would be. Despite not quite being done yet, I am beyond thankful for the experiences that attending university has provided and which have shaped me. I cannot wait to start a career in a field that I have become so passionate about. So, thank you, UoN, for all the people that I’ve met, and the opportunities you’ve provided me.

Phoebe Barsi

Phoebe Barsi

Hi, I’m Phoebe and I’m a contributor and columnist for Opus! I like writing about the creative arts with a focus on anything book related. When I’m not studying, writing, or procrastinating, you’ll find me either reading, plotting, talking, or thinking about books!