With so many options for student accommodation at Callaghan campus it can be hard navigating the who, what, and where of it all.  


Maybe you’re interested in a quiet and independent environment, or maybe you’re here to get rowdy and party with like-minded people. Either way, there’s a student accommodation suited for you and we’ve got the low-down: 


Mascot: The Lion 

Colour: Navy 

Motto: ‘Esse Quam Videri’ – To be, rather than to seem 

Edwards Hall, known as Teds, has many living options, including main hall (catered) and selfies (self-catered), and is the original student accommodation at UON. Known for their students’ vibrant personalities and drinking culture, Teds is a fast-paced accommodation that comes equipped with the cellar (used for parties) and the Teds swimming pool (available to all student residents).  


Mascot: The Dragon 

Colour: Red 

Motto: ‘Carpe diem’ – Seize the day 

Evatt is often deemed the most inclusive and community-based accommodation due to their high ratio of students to space, with 10 bedrooms per floor, one kitchen, and two bathrooms to share. Evatt also has a quad in the centre of the blocks where students go to study, hang out, and do pre-drinks together.  


Mascot: The Kangaroo 

Colour: Green 

Motto: unknown  

‘IH’ is where international students often choose to live; however, everyone is accepted there and welcomed into an exciting and inclusive accommodation. Residing a bit further away from the rest of the accommodations, they have their own pool and large common room, and it is a fun and fast-paced place to live.  


Mascot: The Wedge-tail Eagle 

Colour: Black and yellow 

Motto: ‘Forti Animo’ – Strong in Spirit 

‘Bara’ is a student accommodation that holds 96 studio style rooms of either single or dual occupancy. It is generally quieter, with most students living a more independent lifestyle. However, it is equipped with a rooftop area holding a BBQ and ping pong table, and a large grassy quad area in the centre of the accommodation.  



Mascot: The Wolf 

Colour: Maroon 

Colour of tower: Yellow 

Motto: ‘Fides, integritas, feritas’ – Fidelity, integrity, ferocity 

South is well-known for their sports achievements and their students’ outgoing personalities. They have one of the largest common room spaces, which have hosted numerous rave parties, movie nights, and ping pong games.  


Mascot: The Pirate 

Colour: Blue 

Colour of tower: Blue 

Motto: ‘Magnitudo parva initiiiis’ – Greatness from small beginnings 

East is well-known for their inclusivity and regular partying, as music is often blasting from a six-share. They have a small cinema room which is perfect for movie nights, and a ping pong table in their common room.  


Mascot: The Phoenix 

Colour: Unknown 

Colour of tower: Orange 

Motto: ‘Elementa in statera’ – Elements in balance 

North is known as a lifestyle accommodation. It’s known to be a quieter environment, allowing students to focus on their studies and simply live without the craziness of a drinking culture or regular partying.  


Mascot: The Wombat 

Colour: Purple 

Colour of tower: Green 

Motto: ‘Vivere, ridere, amare’ – Live, Laugh, Love 

West is well-known for the student’s friendly and welcoming personalities. They enjoy socialising and partying just as much as the other accommodations, but also excel in getting involved with other colleges, the wider university community and uni events. 

The truth about parking, sharing spaces, and exclusion blues.  

The Parking Situation 

To be entirely honest, parking is one of the worst parts about living on campus – it is atrocious. You have 10 bags of groceries? Have fun walking (and juggling) them all the way from your car to your room, which can be a 50 metre walk or a 500 metre trek, all depending on where you’re lucky enough to get a park. Otherwise you have the lovely option of risking an $80+ fine parking in one of the two loading zones per accommodation, making sure you are no longer than 15 or 30 mins, or else the overly punctual parking inspectors will get you. Trust me, doing circles around the carparks, and multiple walks per day, is not something I’ll miss.  

ADVICE: In future, consider getting a student/general parking permit over the residential one, as there are some student parking lots that are closer depending on your accommodation.  


Exclusion blues 

Despite being told that you’ll make lifelong friends from university, sometimes living on campus can be the most lonely and isolating you’ve ever felt. It might sound crazy, with so many people around you. However, it’s not always easy to make friends and putting yourself out there can be hard.  

ADVICE: Make the most out of the first few weeks living on campus. This is the time of year where the most social events are held. Everybody is looking to make friends and are much more welcoming to newbies. After that, it can be hard to join a group that’s already formed. Sometimes living on campus is similar to being back in high school; however, my advice would be to treat everyone with kindness and be brave – put yourself out there.  

ADVICE FOR EVENTS: Show up even if you’re alone. Chances are you won’t regret going, but rather, you’d regret NOT going. It sucks hearing the pre’s music blasting and people having fun (because, yes, you can hear everything on college, no matter how far away the party is), which would remind you of your regretful choice to stay in.  


Sharing Spaces 

I guarantee that you will have an issue at least once with one, or all, of your roommates. Sharing spaces can sometimes put people in an uncomfortable situation. Whether it’s dirty dishes, unfair chore sharing, loud *banging* noises coming from the bedroom next to you, hogging the TV, etc. there will always be issues when living with others. It depends on the type of person you are when it comes to conflict – whether you talk about it, or silently stew over it until you blow up or eventually get over it. Everybody has annoying habits that usually don’t come to light until someone points them out to you so that you can try to improve.  

ADVICE: If something really bothers you that much, try having a gentle conversation with your roommate so that things might improve – they cannot read your mind and so nothing will change if you don’t speak up. Try and create a positive, comfortable environment as you have to live with these people for the rest of the year.  

Melanie Jenkins

Melanie Jenkins

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