The more observant sudoku playing students may have noticed that one of our puzzles – as printed in the latest issue of Opus – contains, ahem, a ‘0’. Those familiar with sudoku will agree that sudoku puzzles do not usually use a zero.

Rest assured, you can remove this zero to correct the puzzle – but don’t make the mistake of thinking that is all!

Checking this zero problem brought to light more problems, such as the fact there is also an erroneous ‘1’ in the rightmost column. To fully correct the puzzle, you must also remove this one!

To recap: the 0 in the second rightmost column should be a blank square and the 1 in the rightmost column should also be a blank square.

Below is an image of the correct puzzle:

Sudoku design without typos

Deepest apologies to our readers who have been personally affected by this error.

Should anyone feel this correction and apology this to be inadequate, please email and I will cook you a BBQ lunch.