WARNING – Nudity

Let me start by saying that Vive Cool City (pronounced like ‘fever’ not like ‘five’) is not easy or comfortable viewing.

The show is inspired by the website, ViveCoolCity.com, which was co-founded by the shows hosts, Kirk Docker (ex Hungry Beast) and Ryder Susman to tell the stories that television wouldn’t. VCC is presented in a format reminiscent of the Ten network’s seminal after-school show, Totally Wild - but living up to the name, and in no way suitable for children.

The show aims to take viewers right out of their comfort zone headfirst into regions of human culture and behaviour we’d probably never experience otherwise. There’s a lot of nudity (old, wrinkly nudity), some Londoners make and distribute breast-milk ice-cream (in the viewer-contributed segment no less), and a junkie injects directly into her neck (ouch).

It’s the kind of show where you instinctively freak out when they start talking about horses (don’t worry, in this case it was totally innocent).

VCC isn’t for everyone, but I’d recommend you give it a try. It’s 25 minutes of madness that will no doubt expand your view on life, even if you mightn’t like what you see.

Vive Cool City premieres on SBS2 at 11:30pm tonight (Tuesday 21st May) and is rated MA.